2/26 ~ 常見英文棒針用語(持續補充中) Common English Knitting Terms (continuously updated)
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After demonstrating the fundamental principles for reading English knitting patterns in【Lesson】How to Read an English Knitting Pattern-Beginner,
I hope that everyone has gained greater familiarity with English patterns,
and is also more willing to try out new patterns!


In this article I have compiled some of the more common abbreviations and knitting terms for reference.
Many expert knitters in Taiwan have already done something similar,
and my compilation is not necessarily more detailed or more accurate,
but is purely for convenience in cross-referencing with my other teaching articles.
When there is time I will continue adding other common English knitting terms and techniques to this table.


As a reminder, given that there are so many countries and regions knitting around the world,
the English knitting terminology is not always uniform for everyone,
and sometimes the same word even means different things in different patterns.
When you try out a new pattern,
remember to always FIRST refer to the glossary or list of abbreviations provided by the pattern (or book)!
Sometimes an unfamiliar term is not necessarily a new technique,
just a different name!
(Naturally special or new techniques will always warrant extra explanatory space~)


Actually I am still relatively new to knitting,
and if there is any mistake in the translations and explanations provided below,
please do do DO let me know!!
If you wish to cite this article, please cite the whole article and name the author!)



Abbreviations 縮寫表

alt = alternate 每隔一段

applied I-cord 直接與織片連接的包邊編織

Approx = approximate(ly) 大約

as established = 依前文已架構好的織法繼續織


backwards knitting 反方向編織

before 之前

beg = begin 開始

block 整燙

BO = bind off 收針

bobble 球針

break yarn 將編織線剪斷


cable 麻花

cable cast-on 麻花式起針法(也常用於直接製作鈕扣孔,完成的邊邊很美,建議右手可換鉤針進行)

cast off 收針

CB = cable back 向右傾斜的麻花編(例如:C6B = 前三針放後面,織三針,再織前面的三針)

CC = contrasting color 對比色

CF = cable front 向左傾斜的麻花編(例如:C6F = 前三針放前面,織三針,再織前面的三針)

chart 模樣編織圖

circular cast-on 環狀起針法(也稱為 Emily Ocker's cast-on,常用於圓形蕾絲披肩起針,此影片示範兩種環狀起針方式)

circular needles 輪針

cm = centimeter 公分

cn = cable needle 麻花針

CO = cast on 起針

Cont = continue 繼續

continental cast-on 一般起針法(又稱為 double cast-on 或 long-tail cast-on)


dec = decrease 減針

DK = double knitting 雙層編織

double cast-on 一般起針法(又稱為 continental cast-on 或 long-tail cast-on)

double seed stitch 桂花針(每兩段上下針替換,美式說法;英式稱為 moss stitch)

dpn = double-pointed needles 雙頭棒針

draw through all stitches 穿過所有針數

draw up tightly 拉緊

drop stitch 放掉一針(也就是我們常常不小心作的「掉針」啦)


each end of a row 一段的兩端(也就是一段的起始和末端)

Emily Ocker's cast-on 環狀起針法(也稱為 circular cast-on,常用於圓形蕾絲披肩起針,此影片示範兩種環狀起針方式)

end 結尾;一段的一端

ends 一段的兩端

entrelac 格狀編織

EOR = every other row 每隔一段


facing 面向(例如:right side facing 織片正面朝向編織者)

fasten off 固定後剪線結束

foll = follow(ing) 以下

‘ = foot (feet) 英尺


g = gram(s) 公克

garter stitch 起伏針

gauge 密度

Glossary 術語表



I-cord 包邊編織(可用於緣編、鈕扣孔、製作編織繩等等)

I-cord, applied 直接與織片連接的包邊編織

inc = increase 加針

“ = inch(es) 英吋

insert marker 放入記號


Judy's magic cast-on 茱蒂式襪子起針法(從襪尖開始,不會有洞洞)


k = knit 下針

k1-b = knit one stitch in back loop 扭下針

k1f&b = kfb = knit 1 front and back 在同一針織下針與扭針(一種加針方式)

k2tog = knit two stitches together 左上二併針(日符號:「人」)

kfb = k1f&b = knit 1 front and back 在同一針織下針與扭針(一種加針方式)

Kitchener stitch 全下針的段對段縫合

knitted cast on 加針起針法(又稱為 knitting on)

knitting needles 棒針

ktbl = knit stitch through back look 扭下針

kw = knitwise 下針方向


lb = pound(s) 磅

leave a long end 留下長線尾

leave a XX" end 留下 XX" 長度的線尾

LH = left hand 左手

long-tail cast-on 一般起針法(又稱為 continental cast-on 或 double cast-on)

lp(s) = loop(s) 圈圈

LT 向右傾斜的麻花編


m = meter(s) 公尺

M1 = make 1 stitch 加一針(從下方挑針的方式,可分從右側或左側)

M1L = make 1 stitch to the left 從右側加一針

M1R = make 1 stitch to the right 從左側加一針

M1P = make 1 purl stitch

magic loop 魔法圈編織法(於少針數時,不須使用4或5根雙頭棒針,而改用一支80cm長輪針做輪狀編織)

marker 記號

MB = make a bobble 做球針

MC = main color 主色

moebius cast-on (Cat Bordhi style) 梅式翻轉起針法(Cat Bordhi 方式,常見於翻轉披肩起針)

mm = millimeter(s) 公釐

moss stitch 桂花針(英式與美式略有不同:英式為每段上下針替換,美式為每兩段上下針替換,英式moss stitch 在美式織圖中稱為 seed stitch)


needle 針(可能指棒針或縫針)

next 再來

no stitch = skip to next square on chart 無針,直接跳到織圖的下一格

nupp 結粒針(在同一針裡重複織下針、空針,視想要的結粒針大小而決定下針與空針數量,可於同一段即以鉤針全部併針完成,或於下一段再將所有下針與空針併成一針完成)


omit 省略不織

oz = ounce(s) 盎司


p = purl 上針

patt = pattern 花樣,模樣編

pattern repeat 重複模樣編

p2sso = pass 2 slipped stitches over together 將兩滑針套過左側針

p2tog = purl two stitches together 上針的左上二併針(日符號:「人-」)

p3tog = purl three stitches together 上針的左上三併針

picot 凸編

plain stitch 平針

pm = place marker 放記號圈

provisional cast on 別線起針

psso = pass slipped stitch over 將滑針套過左側針

ptm = place travelling marker 放行動式記號圈

PU = pick up and knit 挑針繼續織

pw = purlwise 上針方向



rem = remaining 剩餘的

rep(s) = repeat(s) 重複

RH = right hand 右手

rib stitch 鬆緊編

ribbing 鬆緊編

row 段

rnd(s) = round(s) 輪

RT 向左傾斜的麻花編

rv ST st = reverse stockinette stitch 全上針的平針

RS = right side 右邊


s2kp = sl 2-k1-p2sso = slip two stitches as if to k2-tog, knit the next stitch, pass the two slipped stitches together over the knit stitch (centralized double decrease) 中上三併針(以下針方向一起滑兩針、織一下針、將兩滑針一起套過下針)

section(s) 區塊

seed stitch 桂花針(每段上下針替換,美式說法)

short row(s) 引返編

skp = skpo = sl 1-k1-psso = slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over knit stitch (left slanting decrease) (similar to ssk) 右上二併針(滑一針、織一下針、將滑針套過下針)(日符號:「入」,與 ssk 織法稍微不同但效果類似)

Sk2p = sl 1-k2 tog-psso = slip one stitch, knit next two stitches together, pass slipped stitch over the k2-tog stitch (double decrease) 右上三併針(滑一針、織左下二併針、將滑針套過併針)

simple cast-on 簡易式起針法(影片介紹兩種方向)

sl = sl st = slip stitch 滑針(掛線可能在織片前方或在後方,詳細說明參考各類滑針)

sl1k = slip one knitwise 下針方向的滑針

sl1p = slip one purlwise 上針方向的滑針

slip marker 將記號圈滑到另一棒針

sp2p = sl 1 knitwise, p2tog, psso = slip 1 knitwise, purl 2 together, pass slipped stitch over purled stitch 以下針方向滑一針、織左上二併針、將滑針套過併針

ssk = slip, slip, knit = slip two stitches knitwise, one at a time, then insert left-hand needle point into the fronts of these two stitches, and knit them together (left slanting decrease) (similar to skp) 右上二併針(以下針方向分別滑兩針、將左棒針穿過兩滑針前方,織成一個下針)(日符號:「入」,與 skp 織法稍微不同但效果類似)

ssp = slip, slip, purl 上針的右上二併針(日符號:「入-」)

st(s) = stitch(es) 針

St st = stockinette stitch (all knit) 平針(正面全下針)


T2B = Twist 2 Back 將下一針滑到麻花針上,麻花針放在織片後方,從左棒針織一下針,再從麻花針織一上針 (兩針右傾麻花編)

T2F = Twist 2 Front 將下一針滑到麻花針上,麻花針放在織片前方,從左棒針織一上針,再從麻花針織一下針(兩針左傾麻花編)

tapestry needle 縫針

tbl = through back loop 從針目後方穿入棒針(通常有扭針的效果)

tension 密度

the end of a row 一段的末端

thread 線

thread through stitches 將線穿入針目

tight / tightly 緊

tog = together 一起

travelling marker 行動式記號圈

tubular cast-on 柱狀起針法(也可當鬆緊編起針)

twisted German cast-on 德式扭轉起針法(起針較有彈性,也適用於鬆緊編起針)


until 直到



waste yarn 別線(直譯為「廢線」)

WC = wrapped cable 繞線麻花針

work even 以同花樣繼續織,不另外加減針

worked over two rows 分兩段編織完成

WS = wrong side 反面

WT = wrap and turn 將掛線繞過針腳,然後翻面(引返編的一個步驟)

wyib = with yarn in back 掛線在織片後方

wyif = with yarn in front 掛線在織片前方



yarn 編織線

yd = yard(s) 碼

yf = yarn forward 將掛線放在織片前方

yo = yarn over 空針



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